GTA4 - The Snow Storm mission help
  • GTA4 - The Snow Storm mission walkthrough guide


    After you've called Elizabeta (or vice versa), drive to the other island where the Old Hospital is. Once there, you will encounter two gangs and you will be in for a big shootout. Make sure to take cover as you try to take down the guys one by one by shooting at them. Beware of any attack coming from above you.

    But you can avoid most of the fighting by going around the right side of the building. Then, get to the room in the corner where you'll find an AK-47. Proceed to the adjacent room where you'd have to kill two more guys and then get the cocaine, as well as the body armor.

    While doing this, you have to keep your wanted level as low as possible so you can easily escape the police. Then, get the truck you find outside and drive it to make you back to the road and shake off the police. Once you lost the stars, return to Bohan and meet LJ to give him the cash. Then, a revealing scene will play and this mission is over. You can now return to Elizabeta for another mission.

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