GTA4 - Call and Collect mission help
  • GTA4 - Call and Collect mission walkthrough guide


    After Francis has briefed you on this mission, you must head on over to your destination which is way up north. Once there, wait until McReary calls you and gives you the blackmailer's phone number. After that, walk down the steps and you will be given an option to call the number. While doing that, you will notice a guy near the hotdog stand to your left. You will notice that he picks up the phone so you have to carefully make your way towards him. When you get close enough, pull out your pistol and shoot him before he tries to get away.

    Once you collect all his evidence, you must escape to the north and because you have 2 stars wanted level, you must be able to shake it off. You can try using a bike that you will find over a fence. Use it to get further north until you get to your location.

    Then, you will get a call from Patrick