GTA4 - Photo Shoot mission help
  • GTA4 - Photo Shoot mission walkthrough guide


    By getting this mission, you will now have a new phone that has a camera function and you are also able to get new ringtones through the internet. Then, on with your business. Drive or walk towards the basketball courts. Once there, don't get too close to the gang members. Then, take out your phone and select the camera option to take a picture of the guy with the blue pants. Once you've taken the picture, send it to X. Make sure that you have the guy's face on the picture and you will receive a call from X to confirm that you got the right guy. But if not, then, you must take a shot again until you get the right guy. Once he tells you that you have the right guy, then you can kill him without letting him get away. After that, you must run away from the place as fast as you can if you don't want the others to attack you.

    Once you're through this mission, find an internet cafe nearby so you can check your email. At the ringtones option of the homepage, purchase any ringtones and themes of your liking.

    Then, head over to Dwayne (as indicated by the