• Can everyone out there suggest to me what i could do for fun on MGS2 (except the dog tags) I've completed the game so it doesn't really matter where this stuff is (aslong as it is fun!)
    Please post some suggestions.
  • Just have fun with the guards, knock them over railings, shoot there legs, arms, etc. See if you can beat it on hard or extreme. See if you can kill every guard, see if you can kill no gaurds. See if you can use only one weapon for the entire game. (well we know that you can't do that, but use just one weapon when you have an option)

    Hope I have helped.
  • Try to never be seen. Or, you could try to use no weapons when its possible. Like, only punch and break necks, no shooting. Uh, a hard but fun thing is to try to stay in alert mode at all times. Get caught and then dont stop getting caught. Go through the whole game with a buunch of guards chasing you. Umm, try to beat the whole game on extreme without dying once! Try to beat all the bosses w/o gettiung hit! Then you could do what i do, get infinite ammo and just go on a shooting rampage! Kill every guard, bug, and bird you see. (I love shooting the birds!:P ). Try those things.
  • I like to use the Stealth camouflage and begin knocking them down... until a guard says.... "I'm being attacked. But I don't know where he is?" , I also like to distract the guards and then put a C4 on their back with the Stealh Camouflage... I also like to put Mines and when they step it... BOOM!!! Russian Soldier Barbacue!!! I like to go bird hunting with PSG1-T and then see them slleping... I also like to make Jack a photographer and then begin taking photographs of soldiers, sleeping, in caution mode, etc. Everything with the stealth camouflage...
  • Want a real challenge?

    Okay try this:
    Complete the game on extreme, if in europe on european extreme, never get caught, don't use stealth/wigs, keep all guards awake, don't shoot chyphers dont kill anyone and always tranquilise bosses so no one is killed.

    If you can do all this in under 10 hours you'll get a near perfect clear code.