GTA4 - Ruff Rider mission help
  • GTA4 - Ruff Rider mission walkthrough guide


    Once you got yourself a fast car, you must drive to your destination. Then a scene will play and you must let the girl live and then return to your speedy car. Then, chase after the guy. He is quite fast but you should be able to catch up on him. If not, then you can always run him over. But, you will get best results if you shoot him off the bike and wait until he falls off so you can run him over. But when this happens, he will usually try to get into any car he could find and drive away. But before this happens, you must shoot him again and then take his money so you can give it to Dwayne.

    By doing this, you should have probably attracted the cops' attention. But you must try to shake them off by driving off and going to Cluckin' Bell to meet Dwayne.

    After that, go meet Pathos at the north end of