GTA4 - Undress to Kill mission help
  • GTA4 - Undress to Kill mission walkthrough guide


    Once you get to Dwayne, you'll have to go to a local strip club. This is indicated in your map. The club is run by gangsters and when you get there, you must not show any weapons. After a while, you should be able to spot the locations of the managers. But make sure not to go past any stages as you do this.

    Then, kill the first manager which will cause a commotion to ensue. When you spot the third manager, make sure to fire at him. You may also fire anyone who gets in your way. When the third one tries to escape to his car, run back to your car and chase him down. Try shooting at him before he gets too far away. You can aim at his tires, and windows as well to readily kill him. After you kill him, your mission is complete.


    Before you go into the club run around to the back door so you know where it is.

    Go in through the front door and fire a couple of shots, then quickly rush back out the front door and run around the side of the building to the back door and shoot the three managers as they leave.

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