GTA4 - The Holland Play mission help
  • GTA4 - The Holland Play mission walkthrough guide


    This mission is quite a long one. You will get a first call from Playboy, but this is just an intro and after that you can do whatever you want Then, Dwayne will call you informing you his side of the story. When you try to call Playboy, he might not pick the phone up. Or, you can wait until he calls again.

    When he calls, you will get a forced mission. You are given a choice between the X and D on your map. If you should kill Playboy, you will get his mansion and you can now be friends with Dwayne. On the other hand, if you kill Dwayne, you can get $25, 000 from Playboy but he won't be your friend.

    Therefore, it should be a pretty obvious choice by now. And that is, to kill Playboy. When you get to his place, a small shootout will ensue. You must kill all of his guys, then make your way outside.

    After a quick scene, jump over the roof and go down a flight of stairs. Outside, a car will show up where you'd have to kill a gunner and its driver. Then, find X stuck inside a locked door so you can gun him down.

    After you've killed him, his mansion is now yours. This time, Dwayne will also be your friend and you can now have this mansion as your safehouse.

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