GTA4 - Paper Trail mission help
  • GTA4 - Paper Trail mission walkthrough guide


    When the guy from U.L. Paper calls you up, you may automatically begin this mission. And this one is going to be relatively easy. Drive your way towards where the helicopter is located; you must check your map for this.

    Once you're in the helicopter, you must take off and take all around the city. And while flying above the city, you might want to fly it high above so as not to hit any big buildings along the way.

    Once the helicopter is above the sea and over the bridge, Jacob must be lined up with the chopper so he can easily fire it. When Jacob asks you to stay steady, you must not merely move. After a few shots, you should be able to blow the bridge out of the skies.

    Then, return to the helipad so you can drop off Jacob. This means the end of the mission.

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