World's scariest police chases
  • hi all i first would like to say merry christmas. ok i got World's Scariest Police Chases for christmas and i am trying to do missions and i pass the test and after that i am stuck can any one please help me
  • Afraid I can't help you on that one,mikey-haven't played the game.

    What I will do is move this to the PSOne Game Help forum where you'll more likely get an answer on this. :wave:
  • mikey,
    I too have been playing worlds scariest police chases recently.
  • well i dont need any help i got it now and i am also stuck on the last mission to so i guess which ever one of of beats it first tells the other hehehe off to play the game bye :wave: [EDIT] hi again i did it i won i figured it out all you do is take the third gun and shoot at him then this lady will come on and tell you you can use a sifferent wepond and keep shooting at him till he dies and if he gets to the ball park before you kill him you have to start over well that's all