GTA4 - Harboring a Grudge mission help
  • GTA4 - Harboring a Grudge mission walkthrough guide


    Once you have your car, you must drive Packie to the docks in Algonquin. Then, follow him and climb the building. After a scene, Packie will tell you to clean the area from the ground. But you can also stay on the roof and take cover from there. Gunning the guys down from the roof is much easier. Once they appear, you can shoot all of them up on the ground and also those on either sides of the warehouse.

    After you've finished them off, you must now return to the building and take care of the rest of the guys. Then, get into the truck with Packie and drive through the gate (note the fence) to get to your next destination. Although some of them might chase you, you will be able to throw grenades at them to stop them from following. However, you can also do without this, as this might cause a lot of damage to the truck, so you might as well just try and get to the garage as quickly as possible.

    Once you've done that, Paper will call you to finish his missions. And when you're done with that, you can always return to Packie.

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