GTA4 - Three Leaf Clover mission help
  • GTA4 - Three Leaf Clover mission walkthrough guide


    You will need a whole get-up of expensive clothes for the Three Leaf Clover mission for Packie. Therefore, you must head out to Perseus clothing shops on Algonquin where you must purchase a suit and shoes. You must not purchase the pants separately because they come with the suit. After that, go back to Packie between 6am and 7pm.

    This will probably be your toughest mission up to this point, but with the money involved, it's all worth attempting it. And what's more, you'll get to unlock the final island. Once you get to Packie, you must get a four seater car and have everyone in. Then, drive your way to downtown Algonquin and a scene will play. After that, you must get the money from the vault.

    More scenes will happen and you will now have five stars. If you look outside, you'll find several cops there. You can fire grenades or keep shooting the cops until you are able to follow Packie on foot towards north. During this point, you must shoot any cop that shows up on your map and whoever that gets in your way. After that, you'll be headed at a subway station.

    You have to be careful as there are more cops on the stairs. Get on the tracks with your guys and make sure to cover your backs. While on the tracks, you have to keep from getting run over. As soon as you're on the service stairway, enter the door to get out. There will be two cops in tow, but you must kill them and hop into the waiting cop car.

    At this point, you will have reduced to 3 stars. Then, you can lose them totally by driving like crazy so you can keep out of the cops' range and lose the wanted level. After losing the cops, you must now bring Packie back home.

    This time, you'll receive loads of messages about new missions and ventures for you.

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