PS3 won't recognize HDTV 1080i resolution
  • I purchased the PS3 to use the Blu-ray disc player for watching Blu-ray videos.

    I have connected the PS3 by using component AV cables from the AV MULTI OUT connector to the Y-Pb/Cb Pr/Cr component connectors on the TV. I selected the "Component/D-Terminal" as the input connection type. The resolution selection menu supported by my TV is 480i and 1080i. However, the PS3 won't recognize the 1080i resolution but only the 480i.

    I purchased the Sony component cables which have a AV MULTI connector to 5 AV connections.

    Am I doing something wrong or is there possibly a technical or cabling problem that I'm not aware of?
  • Did you go into the video settings of the PS3 and make sure you have 10801 checked?
  • Is your PS3 used or brand new? If it's used it may need a 'display reset', as it may have been linked up to an SDTV (480i) with it's previous owner. To do this hold down the PS3 power button until you hear a second beep, this will make sure it isn't in need of a 'display reset' if it indeed still doesn't work after that.