Help with XCM 1080p VGA Box withBlu Ray movies
  • Hi, I have a PS3 with a VGA Box that supports 1080p and a monitor that has higher rez than 1080p. I can play GTA IV on 1080p and any other game that I have that supports it. I can even watch the Blu Ray previews that are 1080p, but today I bought Rambo (the new one) and it said on the box it's 1080p and when I try to play the movie on 1080p it goes to a black screen and I can hear the previews playing on my speakers?! I tried 720p and it has picture, what doesn't make sence to me is that I can play my games on 1080p and watch 1080p videos off of PSN but can't I watch my 1080p Blu Ray Rambo? If anyone had this problem and knows how to fix it, please let me know. Even if you think might help. What I think is that sony need another firmware update to fix it, i guess?
  • I take it you have updated your PS3 to the latest firmware? Other than that, the only thing i can think off is that you may have a faulty Rambo disk. Try taking it back and getting a new one, see if that one works.