Online connection help
  • Iam 15 know a slight knowledge about connections and other computer stuff.

    here's my Q

    I tried to get the online to work by simply taking to modem from my computer, and conecting the ethernet cable that came with the ps3 to the modem, i then connected the modem to a phone line outlet and just assumed that it may work lol

    of course it did not. but iam clueless on what to do and everyone I ask has no idea either

    What do i need to buy?
    what do i need to hook up?

    if it helps iam using firefox as a browser
    and I get a dsl connection

  • One thing I have mentioned before to people doing it this way is they need to turn the modem off before switching the cable around. This will free up the IP address that was given to your computer by your internet provider.

    I honestly recommend picking up a router to avoid having to do this every time you want one or the other online. Out of personal experience I suggest one of the D-Link brand routers.
  • well the modem, or so i think it is, the box that hooks the computer to the web, i just unplug everything connected to it, 3 wires power, Ethernet and the phone line,

    since the ps3 came with an Ethernet cable and there is a phone line in my basement I just guess it might work I know iam missing something heres how my modem is set up when i try to go online

    Ps3---> modem via Ethernet cable that came with it ---> modem to phone line using a phone line.

    so naturally when I unplug the modem to hook it back up downstairs it's turned off.
  • use a router all you do is plug in ps3 to router then router to phone line and will work straight away no problems.
  • is it really that easy? thanks ill try that