PS2 will no Play New Silver Games
  • I have a black slim PS2 and it will play DVDs and movies but will not play the brand new MLB08 the show games I just bought. It will start up and and when I go to throw a pitch the game console shuts off. Help?!?!?!
  • Hmm... that's unusual. You may have run into a faulty disc or maybe your PS2 is having the start of hardware problems. I would say first take a vacuum hose and run that along the vents to suck out any dust that may be lingering inside- it is possible to be an overheating issue from dust build up inside.
  • I tried that last night before I posted and it did no good and I did not get not much dirt out. I thought it was the disc too but went and traded it in and the new one does not work either. I also tried a new disc of Medal of Honor-Rising Sun same thing. I was just hoping for some last resort help before I bought a new system I read somewhere about the laser may be bad but I just can't see how with it playing PSone games and movies just fine.
  • The laser could be on the starting point of going bad- sometimes it goes in phases with eventually nothing being read. In the end you may be better off to either call Sony about repairs or just get a new system.
  • What about cleaning the laser? I know on the old big PS2's, I used to have some reading issues with certain games or not reading games at all. I took it apart and cleaned the lense. Worked good. Matter of fact, I still have that PS2 and it still works after a couple cleanings of course. If you are not worried about warranty and going to purchase a new one anyways, you might want to try that before tossing it out.

  • I tried to clean the laser also and was going to get a new PS2 but it turns out that my wife picked me up a PS3 for fathers day thanks for everything
  • Oh wow. Welcome to the club man!
  • Sounds like you found yourself a keeper for a wife there, hillbilly! B) I should mention, if it is the 40 GB system she bought you will still not be able to play the PS2 games on it.