internet connection help
  • i tried setting up wireless connection on my ps3 .After entering all the details it shows "cannot obtain IP"
    please reply as quickly as possible
  • Do you have encryption running on the router? If so and you don't have the pass key entered correctly/ at all the PS3 would be blocked.
  • how do i knw whether i have encryption running or not....n where do i enter the pass key
  • When you did the scan for the network it should have said on the screen if it used WEP, WPA, etc.- go into your router settings and look in the Security section to check on the encryption. If it is in place you will have to enter the pass code into your PS3's network settings. The pass code will be on that page- you will have to choose the type of encryption being used and enter the pass key exactly as the router has it.
  • It may also be worth mentioning you should enter the ip address and other details in manually if you can. Sometimes by selecting automatic, it goes wrong....:rolleyes:
  • the encryption was enabled and i entered the password in my ps3 but still no changes
  • Ok- you may want to double check the information you put in just to make sure everything jives with what the router says (DNS servers, router IP address, subnet mask, etc.) and fix any mistakes you may find. All of the info can be found on the router's connections or status page.

    You also may want to try making a specific IP addresss just for the PlayStation 3 in the router. Look in the router setting for what is called "DHCP". You will need to use the MAC Address of the PlayStation 3 to do this- you'll find it by going into Settings/ System Settings/ System Information on the PS3.
  • DHCP Server

    Start IP Address:
    End IP Address:
    Leased Time(hour):
    these are the only options i get for DHCP......where do i enter the MAC address and how do i assign a specific IP add for ps3 in the router
  • and one other thing wad do i put in the default router
    it is configured as
  • and what r d uses of ps3 hard drive
  • There is one part of your problem- you don't have the default router's IP address put in. This should be the same as the address you use to get into the router's set up pages.

    You should see a button to get to the DHCP Client List somewhere near where you see the DHCP enable/ disable (you should have this enabled, btw).

    If you can tell me the brand and model of your router i should be able to find the step-by-step instructions for doing these things.

    As for the PS3's hard drive, all data used by the game system is stored there- game saves, game- specific data, any downloads you make from the PlayStation Store, etc.
  • after entering the default router settings the ps3 obtained the IP add but internet connection failed due to error says it is a DNS error and an error occured during communication with the server....i have a beetel 450 BXL ADSL2+modem router......wad might be the problem now
  • Getting closer, at least. Recheck the DNS server numbers you used in your PS3 connection and make sure they are the same as what your router/ modem has listed.

    Someone else recently posted about getting that error- a possible solution I found was to use the following addresses in the Primary and Secondary DNS Server blanks on the PS3: DNS1 : , DNS2 : Alternately, you can change these in the router and go automatic on the PS3- whichever you find easier (likely putting those on the PS3 will be easiest).
  • i re checked with the router and also entered the dns addresses u gave me but still the same error
  • Ok- you may want to try replacing the DNS addresses with those two I gave in the router itself and go "automatic" with your PS3's settings. That was the alternate solution given in case putting those in the PS3 did not work.

    I tried finding an online manual for that modem/ router you have but there just isn't one to be had for me to try to guide you. You may need to talk to your internet provider about these configurations.
  • so wad do i tell my internet provider to tell me internet is working fine on my laptop
  • You tell them the truth- you are trying to get your PlayStation 3 set up for online but you are getting errors.
  • i tried that but they are askin me whether the internet is working fine on my laptop and when i say yes ....they say that they are not responsible for ps3....if you want me to ask them some settings i can do that
  • Yes, ask them for all of your settings (ip address, DNS Server numbers etc), write them down and make sure they all match up with the numbers you're using on your PS3.

    Try power cycling your router again after that, and then try and put the DNS server numbers back in (make sure they are all correct). This has worked for a few people recently too...:)
  • If all else fails, contact Sony's tech support- they should be able to get it figured out.