HAZE (PS3) Comments
  • With Ubisoft recently releasing their long- awaited FPS game HAZE I'm curious what those that have played the game think about it. Let's hear it folks! B)
  • I only played the demo and I was not impressed. There was a part were you find the crash landing area and there is this guy dieing in the plan or what ever it was.... 'overacting' is a understatement term to descibe the act.

    Anyways the shooting i was not impressed much either.... i prefer R6V2 mechanics so to say.

    I wont be buying it.
  • Yeah, i tend to agree, i think they have dropped short of their normal high standards on this one. Free Radical are not usually short on quality, BUT, i was disappointed with the demo.

    I haven't played the full release game, so, some of the problems could have been ironed out, i HOPE so, otherwise this would knock my confidence in the job they are doing with the DADDY of all console FPS ..TIMESPLITTERS on PS3.