• whenever i turn off my ps3 (i always turn it off via the controller)

    there is a clicking noise inside my ps3. it stops after a minute or two.

    is that normal?
  • No, I would not call that "normal". I've never usually heard a clicking noise with mine.

    If it sounds like it may be coming from the disc slot you may want to take the game/ movie out before you turn off and listen to see if the click stops. The only spots that would possibly have this click are the disc drive, the fan or the hard drive.
  • I would say it depends what kind of 'clicking' sound you mean?

    Sometimes, when the PS3 is turned off you can hear it turn off inside, that is normal as long as it stops straight away. It could be that you mean a 'clicking' noise as in the outer casing clicking and creaking, like a lot of wooden furniture and plastic kind of does? This i would say is not a problem either. It depends where you think the sound is coming from, is it loud? Does it sound like it's always coming from inside the console?
  • after a half day of playing gta 4 i quit game and took out the disc before i turned the system off (like Lyndon said).

    i stuck my ear less then a inch from the ps3 and heard the clicking again, it sounded like the plastic creaking/clicking. (like Rob said)

    but it lasted only 10 seconds or so a couple from the right side and a couple from the left side.(ps3 was on only bout 4-5hours today cuz i wanted to watch there will be blood before i played gta4)

    other times when i leave my ps3 on all day playing gta 4. (12-14hours) the clicking lasts much longer (minute or two)

    so that must be the noise is the outer casing right? thats a relief i just bought my 40gb back on may 16, 2008

    thanks for the help Lyndon and Rob :)
  • Yeah i would say it's just the outer casing clicking and creaking. Nothing to worry about darkligerblade.;)

    No problem, just keep enjoying your PS3....:D