Pass me the botox!!
  • I start a new part of my job tomorrow - covering holiday shifts in a private hospital close to where i work! Im so excited - ive always wanted to work in hospital pharmacy so this is a huge step onto the ladder!!

    Im really excited to see loads of crazy drugs you dont see in the community pharmacy and im sure i will see botox and maybe some boob implants etc lol!!!

    [url=]Independent Healthcare St Helens, Independent Hospital Merseyside
  • Oh stop acting like you need any of that! HAHAHA... Congrats though. Sounds like a decent job.

  • Nice to hear your steeping up in the world and getting even further on in your career...;) Congratulations, i hope you have a good time in your new (part) of your job.:) You deserve to be there Jane.
  • I can't believe it, i work in St Helens, AND i had my knee reconstructed at Fairfield hospital!!!!!!!!!!!

    It really is a small world!

    Good luck with the job Jane, hope all goes well.
  • Oh MY god!!!! Small world - I actually work in a pharmacy in Haydock. Do you live in St Helens?
  • No, live in Hindley Green, Wigan. Worked in St Helens for about 6 years, on College Street.
  • Want me to toally freak you out now? We live in bickershaw - hopefully moving to Abram soon!!
  • drive thru bickershaw every morning, my daughter goes to nursery on Smiths Lane, i then carry on thru bickershaw and Ashton to St Helens.
  • I will wave tomorrow morning as your going past lol!!!we live close to the church
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  • Your answer is located down in the PS3 Hardware help section, tduket.

    Not quite sure why you felt the need to post it here...:eek:;)