GTA4 - Actions Speak Louder Than Words mission help
  • GTA4 - Actions Speak Louder Than Words walkthrough guide


    Once you get to Gerry, get yourself a car and pick up the bomb, which is indicated on the map. Then, locate the car you need to rig the bomb at. You must not steal it, you just have to plant the bomb on the back.

    Once you've done that, go back to your car towards the yellow marker. Then, follow the car all the way up north but make sure to keep a 5-10 car lengths distance from them and keep out of their sight. As soon as you arrive, walk over the yellow marker in the park, then call Gerry and detonate. If anyone survived, you must finish the guys off. Doing this will get a 2 star wanted level, so you must get back to your car and drive off to escape the cops. This shouldn't be too hard for you, especially since there's a Pay N Spray you can use nearby.

    Return to Gerry for the next phase.

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