God of War 1 Help
  • I am at the cliffs of Chaos, I am now trying to figure out how to position the blocks to get Hera's Necklace
  • After you completed the puzzle, if you continued through the level you should have met the God Artemus and recieved a sword.

    You are nearing the end of the game, so expect some very challenging levels, lots of enemies, lots of blood;) and 1 or 2 more bosses. Original GoW stuff, King....:)
  • I have gone through that all, I just beat that large bull, and now I am at a puzzle where I have to get Hera's Necklace and there are a bunch of stones, I made a short 25 second video for you to see, I am uploading it to youtube right now, here are the pictures.

    Image 002
    Image 001


    Alright I just passed this part now, I got both necklaces to the statues, but now I am at these rope things I will take some pics :)
  • can you give me answer to this question
  • What question andy....?
  • OK I'm stuck ... I killed everyone and picked up Hades shield. I go back to the small room with the cart/rockpile. I try to move it out but it won't let me take it out of the tunnel into the main room. What do I need to do??
  • Having trouble figuring out which level you're in, Dave. Could you name that?
  • Hi. I am stuck here too!!! It's in the Rings of Pandora, the Challenges of Atlas part. Got Hades shield. Have moved the cart of rocks about and got the door at the end of the room moving.... but I can't get to the door before it turns to go through..... what am I not doing or missing... cause I can't find anything else in there to do??
  • Have you tried putting the cart of rocks onto the button pad in the main room to open the door long enough...?
  • after getting hades shield and putting it in the door u have to pull the cart of woods or something near the door until it stop near the steps after that give a long kick and stay near the door and when the door turns along with the door u will be in the opposite room !!!!!!!!!!!! have fun
  • I"m stuck in the Blades Of Hades stage and don't know where the way is everytime i fall of the narrow wooden path or i'm knocked down by the rotating blades!!!!!!!!!help me someone plzz
  • All i can find is that you are supposed to jump over the rotating blades. Does this help...?