GTA4 - A Long Way to Fall mission help
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    Before starting off this mission, you must secure yourself an armor for this is going to be another shootout. While driving your way north, you will receive a text and you must find this guy with a number 72 jersey. Although he refuses to speak at first, he eventually will after you point a gun to his face as this will intimidate him. After that, enter the building and ride the elevator.

    And then, someone will fire at you and this signals the start of another shooting spree. Enemies will pop in and out as you make your way to the third floor. You must take out the enemies one level at a time so you can move up to the next. Just in case your health runs low at some point, you will find a total of three medkits so you have to grab them when you need them. Using a shotgun at this point is also best recommended but any gun will do. As soon as you reach the third floor, get inside the room and finish off any enemies you find there.

    After a scene plays, return to the stairwell but watch out for more enemies. Then, you'd find more enemies at the roof so you have to kill them all.

    Once you've finished this mission, you will get a text from Ray about a new safe house in Alderney. You will also get a call from Brucie telling you about a certain Stevie who wants new rides. If you haven't been on any dates, try to get in one or you can do whatever Stevie tells you to. This might be a good time to pass up while waiting for the Goldberg offices to schedule your interview, which will take about another day. However, you need to be there before 9am and you might also want to purchase new clothes and shoes at a nearby Perseus.

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