GTA4 - Museum Piece mission help
  • GTA4 - Museum Piece walkthrough guide


    Meet Johnny at the park, and then a scene will play. After that, you will be engaged at a big fight which will mostly involve your standard pop and shoot gunplay. First, shoot the guy to your left and then you have to take each of them out one at a time. After clearing both sides of the areas, you must get down the stairs where more enemies will be waiting for you. Once you've cleared the bottom, get ready for the guys on the corner and two others by the car.

    After that, chase time. This time, you only have to keep the enemy car out of your radar. You can do this by swinging around the park and the zipping down on the other side. If you have successfully lost all the other enemies, you can stop and shoot the enemy car. To make this easier, try to zoom away. Then you can call Ray and the mission is complete.

    If you have no other missions to do, simply return to Ray to find if he has more for you to do. Or, go south to the park where a friend is marked.

    If you have any questions about this mission, please ask them below.