GTA4 - No Way on the Subway mission help
  • GTA4 - No Way on the Subway walkthrough guide


    While driving north, a scene will play. After that, you will be engaged in a bike chase. While at it, you have to shoot your enemy off, however it will take about the same time to finish the chase to finish them off. Also, take note when they go down the subway and into the tracks because you might miss the hole. And in case you did fall, you must shoot one of them down so you can collect their bike. As you continue on the chase through the tunnel, you must not let down on your shooting. Be careful on the left turn as you might hit the open area of the track. As soon as you reach a dead-end, that's when you finish him off.

    When the mission is finished, drive back until you find a place on the right where you can get on a walkway. By doing so, there is no need for you to drive all the way back to where you came from. After getting a call about a Talbot, you can call Roman.

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