GTA4 - Weekend at Florian's mission help
  • GTA4 - Weekend at Florian's walkthrough guide


    Go up the street and pick up Roman. Then, drive him south. It is recommended that you get a four door car because you will need it after speaking to Talbot. Once you have Talbot with you, drive him north. And because he observes proper driving, you must stick to the rules until he shuts up. Drive to wherever he directs you until you get to the west side of the island. There's nothing much to do there, but try to enjoy the scene while you can.

    While there, you can wait for Bernie to send out his next mission for you, but it would be best to return to Ray so you can finish his part. A little later, Paper will also call you to say that he is still on the hunt for Darko.

    If you have any questions about this mission, please ask them below.