GTA4 - Late Checkout mission help
  • GTA4 - Late Checkout walkthrough guide


    Drive north to get to the hotel. Then, ride the elevator up, you can find it on the right. When a guy shows up, blast him quickly and take cover. After tossing a frag at the hallway, make your way down until you've cleared the rest. Then, climb the stairs while still firing at your enemies and then go through the doors. After taking care of the guys in the living room, proceed to the kitchen where one guy pleads for his life. After that, go up the stairs and kill anyone on your way until you reach the roof. There, you'll find Isaac and a couple of his guys. You will have to finish them off and then take the body armor on the right.

    You will find stairs to your left, take that to pin down three more goons. Proceed to the corner on the next roof where you must use the lift to go down. Once on the ground, go to the streets, and get yourself a ride. And because you might have caused heat on the cops, try to shake them off as fast as you can. And that's it for your missions for Ray.

    You will receive a text from Ray, so you must go to the pier and meet him. Then, head out to the