GTA4 - Truck Hustle mission help
  • GTA4 - Truck Hustle walkthrough guide


    Hop into a car and dive north to the alley. Then, a scene will play. When the scene ends, toss a frag into the middle. When a truck pulls in, toss in another one. You must not go anywhere else and instead continue killing everyone, but be warned of the shotgunners that will try to take you out as well. Carefully maneuver your way down the alley until the truck pulls out, and that's when you jump out of your cover and chase it down. Your goal is to get to the marker on its back, so you can tap the run button and be able to pull yourself up. Once you've done that, get to the roof of the truck. But be careful and continue to watch the movement of the truck while you're on the roof and slowly making your way up front. If it turns left, you must roll to the right. Once you've taken control of the truck, you can drive it to the mission and that's the end of this mission.

    After that, Dwayne calls you so you can both hang out. You will also get an interesting call which will concern both Roman and Mallorie a little bit later. Once you've through with all other activities, you must head on out to Derrick. You will find him near your safehouse in Alderney.

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