GTA4 - Tunnel of Death mission help
  • GTA4 - Tunnel of Death walkthrough guide


    Once you get up north, you will find a truck in the alley. You must drive it and then a scene will follow. After that, you can drive the truck down the tunnel and turn it so that the truck is across two lanes of the one side of the tunnel.

    And when the cops arrive, you must blast at them. After you've cleaned them out, you must proceed down the right side of the tunnel and head on to Alderney. However, there will still be some cops waiting in downtown area but you cannot shoot them. So, you just have to escape them by moving as fast as you can. As soon as you spot the wanted zone freeze, you must get to the zone and wait until you are cleared.

    Now, get to the marker on the east and get into a new car. Drive it to the northwest of the island, through a dirt track along the coast.

    After that, drive east where you will see a green marker in an alley. It is located west of the paint shop.

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