GTA4 - Undertaker mission help
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    After completing your last mission, you will be sent on this new one. Here, you have to go to your safehouse and put on your suit and smart shoes (that is if you are not wearing them already). Then, proceed south to the church. When you are ambushed, take out your big gun because you will need it to fix multiple enemies. In fact, there are more waiting in the alley in front of the church. Make sure they won't blast at you.

    Then, bring the hearse to the Colony Island. While you do this, you will be continually fired at, so make sure you have total control over the vehicle; if you go too fast, the coffin might slide out. You have to run smooth, while at the same time, returning fire on your enemies' cars. Do this until you get to the cemetery.

    After that, you will learn that Gerry is in the correctional facility in Alderney. Get to him.

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