GTA4 - Union Drive mission help
  • GTA4 - Union Drive walkthrough guide


    Down the street, you will find a Turismo which is probably the best car you can find in this game. Drive that and pick up a friend so you can proceed northeast of the island.

    You will now start off with your hardest chase in the game yet. The Turismo is perfect as it will help you keep up. During the start of the chase, you must do your best to shoot them or try to take them down before they get to the highway because by then they'd surely give you a hard time. If you crash, you must quickly get back on the chase again. It is important to bear in mind a few things: he will try to switch lanes when you near the south end of the highway, a cop will fail in trying to get him, lots of vehicles will get in your way, and the chase will eventually take you to the park where everything ends with a shootout.

    Once you've killed them, the cops will be hot on your heels. You must shake them off so you can take your friend home. If you could recall Clarence from a previous mission with Francis, you will find him at the Holland area, the place where you chased him to the roof.

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