• Help! I'm blond and need help getting past level 8 of dark cloud it says i need another person to jump the ravine and i have the stuff that changes an animal to a person but what animal and where???? Please help im really frustrated with this game now! also addicted
  • Do you mean blonde?
    Anyways. Don`t get too upset by this game. Some people have found it quite tough. Working out how to kill the bosses and getting 100% in the town re-building are two of the most common problems that can occur. It can help if you are a regular RPG player as you will know about stuff like elemental opposites, weapon attributes and just understanding how some Japanese programmer`s minds can work.
    What you need to do is first of all get 100% for your own house, especially the cat that I think you must have just found. Go upstairs after talking to your mum and meet your first ally. She can do the jump.
    Two other things about this game. Always check every corner of each town for items, especially after adding new buildings and once again when you have 100% as there might be new items each time. Also, whenever the game tells you that the character you are playing can`t do a jump or whatever, either change to another or find your next ally.
    Good luck.
  • :D Thanks very much ..... im new to ps and im more of a net bunny ;)

    blonde signin out :)
  • No problem.
    By the way I forgot one other small tip. When you use one of the defence increase items for one of your characters save before doing so. The defence increase value randomly changes between 5, 6 and 7 (if I remember accurately). So if you don`t get the highest value reload the game and try again until you get it. This will particularly help newbies like youself in particular.