GTA4 - Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend mission help
  • GTA4 - Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend walkthrough guide


    Now that you are at the correctional facility, you have to go back and pick up Packie and the girl. Then, drive to Bohan and go through the turnpike bridge. Once you're through the gate, you must turn right to get on the island roads. You can take the path, or find another way to get to the pier faster.

    A scene will then play and once that's through, hide behind the car as you take out a few enemies. Then, follow Packie to the pit area while you finish off the rest of the enemies and start off taking down the ones up high.

    Once you've killed them, you must get on the ramp. You'll find a body armor there as well. When you get to a split in the road, Packie will take the left while you take the right. You will find a box of grenades before your path. You can us them to blast the enemy cars and you can also help Packie take car of his.

    You must kill the final two guys after the next scene is over and use the ladder to go down the streets. Then, you must now get a car to bring Packie home. That should be it for your missions with McReary.

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