What Games To Buy?
  • What games do u all suggest??? Prices, reviews, and specs?

    also looking at MOH:frontline should i get it what price
  • If you want suggestions of what game to get, wouldn`t it be an idea to tell us what type of stuff you like and what your budget could go up to?
  • like first person shooters, racing, action,

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  • What games do you have ? If we know what ones you have we won't suggest the same ones.
  • mostly all the good games that are coming out are $50 but SOCOM:Navy
    Seals wich is going to be an awesome game is gonna be about $60-70 depending what package you get also if you want to play online with that you have to buy the adapater which is $50 plus $10 for every month for the online service
  • I really don't care for metal of honor : front line, but here are some of the games I do suggest:
    1.Nascar heat 2002
    2.Grand theft auto 3
    That is action and racing. I hope that you don't have those games!!
  • spider-man is pretty good, plus when you'r done you can start over as the green goblin and the story changes a bit. Blockbuster or Hollywood video sell used games they guarantee, if it doesn't work bring it back. this is easier to swallow then the $50.00 pill. [B]
  • Originally posted by code45man@Jul 1 2002, 04:48 PM
    like first person shooters, racing, action,

    FPS Single Player - Red Faction, Half - Life or that MOH.
    FPS Multi Player - Timesplitters, Quake III, maybe Red Faction.
    Racing - Not my type of game but I understand Grand Turismo 3 is good.
    Action - Extermination, Onimusha, MGS 2, maybe Resident Evil.

    Drving and Action - Grand Theft Auto 3 or Headhunter.

    I am currently very involved in Deus Ex, which I rate among the best games that I`ve ever played. Most would call it a FPS but it is far more than that. Some would critisize the dated graphics and the long loading screens, but the gameplay ....Oh what joy. And it`s huge too. Try it on Hard or even Realistic for a REAL challenge.

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  • I'm looking forward to Prisoner Of War, I haven't bought it yet but hope to. It is a kind of Medal Of Honour/Metal Gear Solid 2 hybrid which is definately good. But then again I don't like the rush in and kill all you can see concept, I like a more of a head scratcher, like MGS2 is.
  • I got MOH and red faction

  • Well as it was anounced the other day all scea games will be $40 now. But some companies like Konami and Square might have there games still at $50. So I think thats good news.

    A good FPS is timesplitters if your into multipayer FPS or I think you should wait for Timesplitters 2 it will be alot better, and online.

    A really good game that I like is Dynasty Worriers 3. I was never familar with the series. The game is like a action fighting game were you are one of the great officers of the time. You fight in a war and there alot of levels and about I think like 40 character to unlock and each stage take about 20 min. to complete. It is really fun and the lastibility is huge! And you can do Co-op on the missions with a friend or you can VS. each other 1 on 1 or with friendly allies to help you in the vs battle. Or there is endurance mode or time attack mode. Try to deafeat a 1000 in one battle. Every character has diffrent moves and abliittes. I think this game is a rare gem that many people dont really know about. I think anyone should pick it up and give it a go.
  • Errrr....a question....I was thinking on buying Spiderman...do you think it's worth the price (about 65 dollars around here)? thank us! :ph34r:
  • Spiderman - The Movie for PS2 is a great buy Hugo. If you like or love Spiderman...which i do....then the game holds true to both versions (comic and movie). The levels and difficulties make the game better and better and the different Easter Eggs move the game really well. I wish though, like in my Gamepro someone said, "Only if you just websling all over NYC without limitations." I wish that too. If you got the money then go ahead Hugo. Its a great buy in my opnion.
  • Spiderman is a great game. I see alot of members like it here!! good game play and graphics
    in this game. It is certainly a good buy.