GTA4 - Pegorino's Pride mission help
  • GTA4 - Pegorino's Pride walkthrough guide


    Hop into the car with Pergorino. Then, drive to the old refinery in the south. Once the scene is through, enter the building and find a stairwell. Under it is a shotgun, then use the stairs to get to the top. As soon as the enemies appear, you must snipe all the red targets. When a car pulls up, you have to snipe that too.

    At this point, you must take out your machine gun and descend the building. As you make your way back to the ground, enemies will continue to pop out, so you must kill all of them. Once your safely back to the warehouse, save Pegorino. Once you have him with you, follow the marked car. Getting there would already prove to be quite tough with the dirt path, but you must also go through a series of jumps and ramps. After that, the car will stop and you can shoot them down.

    Take all the money and drive back to the mansion. Mission accomplished.

    You will then receive a text from Jimmy, so you have the option to stay in the mansion or go back.

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