GTA4 - Payback mission help
  • GTA4 - Payback walkthrough guide


    For this one, you will need quite a few grenades. And once you're ready, make your way south. Once the scene is through, you will already be engaged in a full blast chase. If the guy you're hunting down goes any faster, it might be tough to keep up. However, they will go pretty slow and you will eventually reach an endpoint. Just keep trailing them and you'll be fine.

    Once at the auto lot, throw a couple of grenades on either side of them. And when the cops are out for you, just try to clean up any survivor that's left after blasting them with the grenades. But you have to be careful as the cars might explode. After you have killed everyone, go south of the car dealership so you can get a vehicle to escape from the mayhem you've caused.

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