GTA4 - Catch the Wave mission help
  • GTA4 - Catch the Wave walkthrough guide


    Have your guys with you and drive your truck under the overpass and all the way to this island where you previously had your mission. Although the roads are one-way, you can always run over the grass.

    During a cutscene, you will get the debriefing. Then, while still inside the truck, you can starting shooting at the guys surrounding it. Make sure to take cover from the left side of the doorway. First, take the guys on top, then take care of those on the bottom. After that, you can get out to clean out the rest. And while doing this, keep an eye out for any more surviving enemies from the top. Have you and your friends ready for enemies to pop out from anywhere.

    Then, proceed to the docks. To the left, you can find a body armor, and once you have that you can get on the boat. Follow Phil, although there are still enemies that are on boat as well that will try to chase you. All you need to do is stay in front of Phil because this will unable them to shoot you, while also enabling you to shoot back at them.

    When your attackers give up, return to the dock. Then, head out to the southeast side of Algonquin, which is Pier 45. When it is night, you will find Sara there.

    If you have any questions about this mission, please ask them below.