GTA4 - Trespass mission help
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    Before riding out South, you have to have enough M16 ammo and armor. When you take the lower tunnel, it will swing you to a hole in the wall on the left. Go through that hole and your first couple of enemies will be in sight. You must get the one guy out before he gets you first.

    As you climb your way to the top, you'll go through three levels of enemies. In order to clean out the few enemies waiting for you on top, you have to toss a frag up the stairs. Another thing is, make sure no one is directly above you as you make your way up. After that, it's all about taking cover and coming out at the right time to shoot the guys. As soon as you reach the top floor, you might want to toss another frag to blast any more hidden enemies. And when the fat man jumps out, you have to ru. Then, finish off the guards and stand by the window to kill any one you see down below.

    You have to stick to the wall because your enemies might shoot you from above if you didn't. Then, finish off the rest of the enemies and grab a medkit. While going into the bridge, you have to be wary of enemies from high places that might pop out without notice. Use the ladders to climb up and once you get to the top, there is a scene. Then, you can shoot him off. The end.

    Also, you can find more random friends here. This was probably three days after your mission involving Gracie, so you must now go to her.

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