GTA4 - To Live and Die in Alderney mission help
  • GTA4 - To Live and Die in Alderney walkthrough guide


    Easy mission, and if not preoccupied or in need of health or armor, just go
    over to Jimmy's down the road.

    Drive to the old mansion, which is up north. Then, follow Bell until the end of the chase. This time however, the cops won't be bothering you too much, so no need to shoot them.

    After you've ditched the cars, that's when you have to battle it out with the cops and SWAT. After killing all of them, you have to cross the street and hop into the van. All you have to do is lose heat on the cops and once you've accomplised that, simply drive back to your safehouse.

    Definitely an easy mission. So if you've got nothing else to do at this point, you can go back to Jimmy at this point.

    If you have any questions about this mission, please ask them below.