GTA4 - Flatline mission help
  • GTA4 - Flatline walkthrough guide


    Follow the road until you get to a hospital. Then, enter without carrying any weapons with you and turn right. Follow the end of the hall and blast a couple of cops you find there. There is another one inside the room around the corner to the left, and then you have to fix Anthony.

    As you make your way out, more cops are waiting on you. So, you have to make your way back out and you will have options. If you'd like to outrun the cops, you must get the cop car; if you'd want to go into a Pay N Spray, you must get your car up here. If you should try to outrun them, head over south until you reach an open edge, then go into a tunnel or wherever you'd like. If you should choose to go into the paint shop, you will find one nearby.

    After you have lost the cops, you're fine. You will get a text from ray telling you to go to Jimmy. So, grab all your stuffs and go there one last time.

    If you have any questions about this mission, please ask them below.

  • Yeah, that's really not the intended way to do this mission. You're supposed to get the scrubs in the locker room so you don't have to blast the cops at the end of the hall, and the guy in Anthony's room will leave you alone so you can unplug the life support.