GTA4 - Pest Control mission help
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    For the first part, you will get a scene. Once that's through, you can now wait until Jimmy tells you to take care of Ray. You will get the call soon after so you must now be on your way to Holland. However, if you don't get the call yet, you can take Dwayne for a date and do any missions you might've missed.

    As soon as you get the call, you will now have to take care of Ray. You will find him in east Holland, and you have to keep following him after the scene. You must not shoot just yet; just keeping a safe five car-lengths behind Ray until he stops at a gas station. Use an RPG on the car and after that, you can take out the body guards one at a time. The key here is working quick.

    The mission is complete once you have them all dead. This time out, there's no more Alderney mob bosses.

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