• When my mom puts up my Ps2 she winds the cord around the center of the controller and i get a coil after unrolling it. my friends say to stand on a chair or something and let it unwind. what should i do???
  • We had this topic quite awhile ago but like old things they get lost (or deleted in this case) what you can do is just wrap the controller cord around your hand (not too tight!) to keep it from becoming all curly. Also you can just wind it up in two or three long wraps instead of 10-15.

    Hope I helped.
  • this happen to my ps1 and now it happen to my ps2.Just wind up the first controler and unhoock the 2nd one and do the same and put it somewhere
  • Yes, i posted about this a while ago (I like to call it 'Curly Cord Syndrome'). From what I remember, wrapping the cord too tight causes stress on the wires and could eventually lead to your controller being damaged. I conducted experiments with different winding/wrapping methods, but the results were inconclusive (I gave up and just folded the cord - that's my laziness for ya <_< ).</font>