GTA4 - Entourage mission help
  • GTA4 - Entourage walkthrough guide


    You have to meet Bobby, so drive over to downtown Algonquin. Then, follow the lead car. You will later find out that the new detour is a trap. But once you've regained control, you can fix those guys behind you, and after that you can work the guys up in front of your cover. Then, get your way over to the other alleyway. However, more thugs will show up so you have to be ready. Kill both old and new enemies, while taking out the ones up in the roof first.

    Once you've taken care of that, return into the car and take Bobby south. Whenever thugs continue to show up, park the car in the street and take the enemies down without having to get out of your car. But you may also get out and shoot, or try running around the city until you've shaken them off. However, the city hall is not too far away so you must not get too far away. After killing those guys, drive Bobby to the marker.

    You can now return to the old man.

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