GTA4 - Dining Out mission help
  • GTA4 - Dining Out walkthrough guide


    You must go to Alderney for the rice box. Then, enter the restaurant so you can start blasting off. Pick up the guys on top by going over to the pillars in the dining area. Keep an eye above and behind you as you climb up the steps as there are more guys that will pop from out of nowhere. Take note of a guy coming out from the door on your right, and after that you may enter the office. When you see the manager there, point the gun to him and take the body armor you find on his desk.

    After that, get out and proceed to the kitchen doors, which should be to the right on this level. A couple of guys are hiding behind the doors, so watch out for them. Then, you must run and through and catch Kim as he tries to go out. You may also shoot him as he gets in the car. If not, you'll be forced to chase him down yet again. When this happens, you can aim your shot at the driver's area and he'll be dead in no time.

    Then walk all the way back to see Gambetti. You can also save right here if you want.

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