GTA4 - Liquidize the Assets mission help
  • GTA4 - Liquidize the Assets walkthrough guide


    Make your way from Broker to Alderney, then go over to the south. When you reach the rundown scene of the enemy stronghold, you might search the entire block and still be unable to find a way to enter the building. However, you must take down the sniper that is stationed at the roof of the northern building.

    You may also go to the east and look for a fence towards the south and then ram your way through it. However, by doing this, you risk getting yourself into the middle of the pack of enemy, while at the same time you put yourself right into the sniper's vision from up above.

    If you managed to take down all enemies, then that would be great; however, you may also just blow up the vans and leave after that.

    But the best thing for you to do at this point is to stay beside the gate fence, then search to your right for the lower fence. Then, hop over and run to the end. Then, make your way to the top of the stone fence and carefully jump towards the air vents until you reach the top. While on the roof, kill all the guys and get to the sniper's position so you can snipe at those guys below. You will also find a body armor, so grab it. After that, take the stairs so you can go back down. If there are any survivors, you can finish them off by blasting more frag or shooting them down.

    You will find that this mission wasn't really as tough as you thought. There will be no more missions after this, just complete the final set until the end of the game.

    If you have any questions about this mission, please ask them below.