GTA4 - A Dish Served Cold mission help
  • GTA4 - A Dish Served Cold walkthrough guide


    As soon as the scene is finished, climb up the ladder of a nearby crane until you reach the top. You will find a rifle but it's an old one, so if you already have one, better keep it. The greatest challenge you'd have to face while sniping is being able to find everyone. You will have roughly 15 to 30 enemies on the ship, and that includes the 3 down below. You just have to be aware of where the bullets are coming from and shoot them.

    When everything is subdued a bit, you can now go down the ladder and get to the boat. Then, go right. You will find a rifle ammo, so climb up the ladder to the ramp so you can get the body armor and grenades. Be on the lookout for stray enemies that might pop out from the right side of the ship, then proceed to the doorway at the south end.

    While taking cover, you must take out the guy in front of the doorway by using blindfire and tossing a frag inside. Use your shotgun to blast anyone in sight. Then, get up the stairs and continue to blast guys down the hallway. Take cover again and toss another frag. Just keep doing this pop and shoot style as you go along. You will find a gun in the first cabin to your left, while there is a body armor on the second.

    Get to the other end so you can exit through the doorway. Then, go down the walkway and shoot two enemies you can spot in the open. You will find a couple more on the other side, but you have to focus on the guys above and behind you (as much as both sides as well). Then, clear all the guys on your right side, including the one in the control room. You must not use the body armor, unless if you are really low on health at this point. Then, take over the control room.

    You will now be facing some more new guys so you have to go out each doorway from there and shoot these guys (meaning those behind and in front of you). Then, take the body armor and get to the second level barracks so you can equip your shotgun because you will have two guys awaiting in a cabin and on the steps. There's also a couple more guys in the kitchen, then proceed to the open units, which will open up as you approach them.

    Get yourself on top of a box and try to kill as many of the enemies below as possible; if not, jump down and kill the remaining ones. After a cutscene, you must take out your shotgun and blindfire those goons. You can even toss up some frag, then get to Dimitri, while still holding the shotgun. After another scene, you can blast him. Then, take the path leading to the mess hall so you can run back down to the ramp. Now that you are off the ship, you must return to your car.

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