GTA4 - Out of Commission mission help
  • GTA4 - Out of Commission walkthrough guide


    Jacob will call you, then you must get a car to drive to Alderney. Trail an SUV until you reach the raised highway. Once you get to the beach, a scene will play.

    Now, you must get through a series of enemies to be able to enter the abandoned warehouse. You must first take care of the ones on the roof, then you can snipe the rest. Fight off anyone that blocks your entrance to the doorway, and once inside, kill the guys as well. You will find a medkit on the left. Then, you must again fight more enemies to get to the next room to trigger another scene.

    Chase the guy up the stairs, and you can either fall off the ladder or drop down yourself. You can either fight off all the goons, or run to the end of the walkway where you'll eventually jump off. You will find a dirt bike to your right, so you have to get on that and follow the coastline. There is no need to go super fast, just make sure you don't lose him and that you don't crash as well. As soon as you see Jacob's chopper, expect an upcoming jump. No need to worry about hitting the ramp very fast, just make sure you hit the ramp and you will make it.

    To pull yourself up to the chopper, quickly tap run. You must avoid the missiles, although it would be impossible to avoid all of them. Just follow the boat leading to the island with the Statue of Happiness, and this is where your chopper will crash.

    This time, you will have to run down and chase Jimmy onto the grass. Shoot him to trigger the final scene.

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