GTA4 - If the Price is Right mission help
  • GTA4 - If the Price is Right walkthrough guide


    Hop into the car and go east. When you reach the gate, stop and enter the facility. When the scene is over, get out and follow Phil as he goes up the roof. When he jumps through the skylight, follow his lead. Then, start firing at the guys, especially those on the left side of the walkway. Proceed to your right so you can kill more enemies there. You must also take the grenades. From up above, you can start taking out the guys one by one, as well as those running down the way. Then, get back to the ground where more enemies will show up everywhere.

    As soon as you're on the ground and you have managed to kill all enemies, proceed to the other half of the warehouse. There, you'll be in for more fighting. However, you will find another medkit in the area so go and grab it. Then, get up the stairs with Phil until you go down this walkway leading to a room where more enemies are in tow. Another scene plays, and then you must get down the steps and out the room to the open doorway leading outside. You will now have a choice between taking the bike or the truck. As if it needs pointing out, you should take the truck really.

    The biggest challenge as you drive away is avoiding those tiny things on the road as this might cause your bike (if you chose the bike) flip out. Besides that, you can just shoot the truck until it explodes, which hopefully would be before it gets to the highway. Then, take the money and return to the spot with Phil. That's it.

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