Hire New Blitzball Players
  • does anyone can tell me how can i hire new players to the team ?
    the only players i can hire now is the original besaid players, when i asked if i want to renew their contract.

    the only team i'm having trouble to beat is the al bahd guys and a new member will help me alot.
  • It's been a while for me since i've hired anyone know but you either hit the square or triangle button when you're facing the person that you want to try and hire and a stat screen should pop up....this will give you more info the better you get at recruiting players...Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • hiya jarjar
    if u want to post anything about blitzball or check out how everyone else is getting on and where to find the best techs or new players just visit the blitzball central topic ok and ill try and help (although everyone else is better than me of course)

    keep posting and please vote on my final fantasy house game ok

  • well, i pressed "square" and "triangle" and all the rest of the buttons but only the X button works and nothing happens with the player.

    my team level is 3 and scout level is 2, maybe i need a higher level ?
  • Well, have you left Luca already? I know that until you leave Luca and listen all about the Save Spheres then you should be able to recruit players.....I know i was trying to before i left...You should be able to recruit right after you get the Blitzball choice in the save spheres which is right after Luca. Oh, when facing a person, you will want to hit the square button and if they play blitzball then their stats will come up. Not everyone plays though so you may have to do some searching but alot of people in Luca play....It's where i had picked up Jumal who i used for a bit. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.