Online Poker
  • Any members out there playing Poker online?

    Its one of my faves, just wondered if anyone was palying and if so what sites, and ehat nmaes you go by.

    We could get a private table going. PLAY money obviousley, just for fun.


    I just qualified for a tounament to send me to WSOP in Vegas, that is if i win, its only me VS 10 000 others, although i did finish 1st against 6 000 others to get this far, who knows, i could be the MONEYMAKER of the APi clan!!!!
  • At one point I was checking out a number of them (party poker, poker stars, full tilt, paradise, mansion, ultimate bet) but just haven't had the time to put into any of it any more.

    We could also do something like that on the PS3 if enough people had High Stakes Poker purchased or even the WSOP: Battle for the Bracelets game (I have both but haven't played much- again, lack of time).