ps2 - spyro a new beginning - the last dragon 2rescue???
  • sorry if this is a really obvious question, but i cant seem to find the last dragon to rescue in the volcano place. on the cabose thing i ended up in front of him, not killing that ok??

    i got past the monsters, then along the train line..met the brother and all that. then i went through the door that he opened, killed all the monkeys in the 2 following rooms, but there seems to be nothing else. the last 'room' i found was where a big vine thing went to the gorund with green glowy water &those buffalo bug things.
    cant find the steam king or last dragon?? where should i be looking. thank u to any replies :)
  • I'm not sure about your first question, a little unsure as to what you mean i'm afraid.

    As for the room with a 'big vine thing', there should be a crack in it that you can smash. Once you smash it you will encounter lots more fire beetles and two Magmaworms. Defeat all these and then a little later on you will face the steam king. Good luck...:)